Gym Experiments: CartPole with DQN

To introduce ourselves to reinforcement learning with Deep-Q Networks (DQN), we’ll visit a standard OpenAI Gym problem, CartPole. We’ll cover deeper RL theory in a later post, but let’s get our hands dirty first, to build some intuition!

The complete series can be found on the bottom of this post and the latest version of the GitHub repo can be found here. Be sure to get set up before you begin.

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Gym Experiments: Setting Up

Kicking off a series of posts on OpenAI’s gym environment, I’ll cover some light bootstrapping to get us up and running more quickly. I promise, it will be short and sweet! I’ll be referring back to this from later posts in the series.

The complete series can be found on the bottom of this post and the latest version of the GitHub repo can be found here.

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Another Semester in the Books

I just wrapped up another semester in Georgia Tech’s OMSCS program. This puts me 50% of the way to my Master’s degree in Computer Science, with another solid A grade in Human Computer Interaction!

I’ll be starting the summer semester in about another week, this time tackling Education Technology. Education and knowledge sharing have been passions of mine all my life – I’m really looking forward to this course!

Elm Animation Showcase

Here’s a quick demo of a showcase set of Elm animations. Check out the GitHub repo under the Showcase directory; run the app from the top-level Showcase.elm module.

I’ve been meaning to publish a full-featured post for a while, but I’ve gotten bogged down in my studies once again. In the interest of not letting this content get too stale, I’m simply publishing what I have.

This expands upon the prior work I’ve blogged about, with some modifications. At the time of this writing, it demonstrates how to wire up two separate components, each with a collection of different animations (some of which are keyed off of one another, or off of other actions). The two components transition back and forth, too.

  • The first component is an animated username/password form.
  • The second component is an animated list of items.

At this point, pretty much all work starts from the MinimalModules.elm file included in the repo and builds up from there. Just follow the comments and you should be able to hit the ground running, without worrying about the underlying piping.

I’ll likely expand this showcase set as I find time, but I won’t be updating this post.