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How is Haskell Working for You? (Survey Response)

The Commercial Haskell SIG recently sent out a survey through Haskellers.com. They plan on releasing the survey results to the public, but I found the questions interesting enough that I wanted to post my own response to it. Whether you agree or disagree with my responses, I think a conversation around the questions is highly relevant both to those just building an interest in Haskell as well as for those who have been practicing since Before Time Began.

For the curious, read on!

[Slight editing of survey responses was done for better readability. These responses are also highly subjective, of course – they are the personal thoughts of the author of this blog. :)]

Caution! If you received the survey and haven’t yet responded to it, please don’t read this post until you do so! I’d hate to see my writing skew their results.

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